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Upcoming Camping Trips

Dryden Camper

Group Photo

Lake of The Cloud Overlook - 2006, Porcupine Mountains

Upper Pennisula - 2006
Dryden Campers

Other Camping Plans - 2009
The Dryden Camper is seeking to make plans for next year.  If you have any recommendations we would love to hear from you!

Camping Trips/Plans

Dryden Camper has several camping trips planned for 2009.  Consider joining us around a campfire this camping season!
Wood-Shaving Days Weekend
July 16th (Thursday) to July 20th (Monday)

Hartwick Pines State Park (Sites 38 & 88)

Reservations at


Gladwin Family Weekend

August 7th (Friday) to August 9th (Sunday)

River Valley RV Park (Gladwin, MI)

Reservations contact Lori K


Muskegon River Float Trip

August 28th (Friday) to August 30th (Sunday)

River Country Campground (Evart, MI)

Reservations at (231)734-3808


Labor Day Weekend

September 4th (Friday) to September 7th (Monday)

Wesleyan Woods Campground (Vassar, MI)

Reservations at (989)823-8840